Payroll & Contractor Processing

Payroll management, despite sophisticated software packages, remains a complicated area requiring really competent practitioners to ensure that employees receive their salaries on time and error-free. It is estimated that approximately 25% of a business owner's time is spent focusing on the paperwork of its workforce rather than on the products that generate revenue.

The South Africa Revenue Service and other statutory bodies make substantial demands upon employers and compliance requirements are onerous.

DRG Outsourcing is a provider of professional payroll management services - taking full responsibility for this non-core activity:

Payroll Service

DRG Outsourcing offers professional payroll management services to companies with 1- 250 employees. These include:

Contract Employees

In line with the growing trend in outsourcing to specialist service providers Contract Employees are a feature of the global employment market where companies require specialised skills or delivery capacity for a finite period.

DRG Outsourcing's Contract Employee Management Service provides Customers with the assurance that, from a formal employment and statutory perspective, Contract Employee responsibilities and requirements are being met, and that Contract Employees have the backing of a professional organisation to cater for their HR needs and requirements. These activities include contracts and service agreements, payroll processing and net pay transfers, compliance with social securities and employer bodies, medical aid and provident fund benefits, recruitment and relocation.

A specialised aspect of contractor employment is:

Expatriate Management

DRG Outsourcing provides a turn-key Expatriate Management service for companies sending staff into South Africa, and several other countries in Africa. The service includes collation and submission of work permit documentation, related employment contracts, as well as monthly payroll processing and social security compliance support. This service is also offered directly to independent contractors who have been assigned to projects either locally or abroad.

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