HR Management

DRG Outsourcing is able to provide a full generalist HR Management service to our Customers including:

For small businesses we are able to provide our clients with their own cost effective HR Department via our retainer arrangements whereby we provide generalist HR advice and guidance on an ongoing basis.

DRG Outsourcing's service allows you more time to focus on core activities within your business, safe in the knowledge that your employees are being well looked after and that you comply with current employment requirements.

DRG Outsourcing is in position to supply you, our Customer, with professional and reliable Human Resource Management solutions. Ours is a company culture of being professional, responsible and caring, and we will maintain high ethics in terms of client confidentiality.

HR/IR Audits, Labour Legislation Compliance and related Training

Transfer of skills and knowledge

Should the time come for an organisation wanting to establish an in-house HR function we will facilitate a seamless transition including placement of competent practitioners and ensuring the continuity of best-practices.

Your partner in professional and reliable Human Resource Management Solutions