Entrepreneurial Support

DRG Outsourcing understands the challenges of running a small company, and we know that HR does't need to be one of them. Our services are tailored to suit the needs of start-up and smaller enterprises, expanding these services as you grow.

Let DRG Outsourcing be your Trusted Advisor - give yourself a proven way to contain costs, minimise risk, and relieve your administrative burden. Our mission is to help you realise your ambitions.

For years, small company executives have been forced to spend precious time and money creating an in-house HR infrastructure and cobbling together solutions from a handful of external providers. What they found was a dizzying combination of regulations, compliance requirement, administrative headaches and escalating costs.

Today, forward-thinking executives have learned that the best strategy is to devote their finite resources to what they do best … and outsource the rest.

Allow us the opportunity to assess your needs and to propose a customised solution!

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