The DRG Outsourcing Approach

Experience has taught us that the start-point for any worthwhile intervention lies with the CEO and the senior team engaged in strategic planning and execution. Unless ownership is taken at this level, as the enterprise's "way of leading the business”, an intervention is likely to be superficial and lack sustainability.

The HR function plays a vital role in intervention processes as facilitator and coordinator. We work closely with HR practitioners and have found that their status and credibility is enhanced as a result of their participation in our facilitated processes. However, ownership must rest with the CEO in the first instance otherwise the intervention becomes an HR activity and not an enterprise-led strategic initiative.

What Differentiates Our Services

DRG Outsourcing's services are founded upon deliberate research into global trends and local needs.

We have subject expert resources delivering our comprehensive spectrum of specialised Service Lines engaged (unlike many HR service providers whose offerings tend to be centred on limited core specialisation, e.g. recruitment, labour relations or training).

Our model has as its framework the concept of an HR Maturity Curve. We assess where an enterprise sits on this curve in terms of HR Best-Practice, where it wants to be and then tailor our facilitated interventions accordingly.

Our service offering includes:

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