Business Management & Leadership Coaching

Organizations are increasingly leveraging the power of coaching to assist business leaders and high performing individuals.

Coaching provides a highly focused, customized process dedicated to the growth and development of an individual in specifically defined areas. It also provides an environment which requires clear, high level thinking, the development of tangible action steps and accountability to execution and high levels of performance.

In 2009, Bersin and Associates completed a two year study which concluded that an effective management coaching program was the highest impact method of improving employee performance.

A 2005 study concluded that management coaching reduces the stress associated with leadership by 18 - 47%.

Organizations and individuals usually engage coaches to work with individuals in support of their development (such as increasing leadership capacity, preparing them for promotion or new roles or improving performance in their current role) or to facilitate a thinking environment for business owners, executives and senior management to reflect on current practice and engage in strategic thinking.

Coaching also provides a powerful accompaniment to training interventions to ensure the knowledge gained in training is adapted and transferred appropriately to the workplace. Research has shown that coaching increases knowledge retention and application from about 20% without coaching to well over 80% with coaching.

The DRG Outsourcing coaches have many years of experience in human development and are members of COMENSA.

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